Experience an amazing visual trip with Morning Glory Heavenly Blue seeds!

Morning glory seeds are very popular among psychedelic lovers! The LSA-containing seeds are used to cause a psychedelic high. Some people grind the seeds and add them to drinks. Although eating one or two seeds is unlikely to have any adverse effects, consuming large concentrations of the seeds can cause hallucinations, diarrhea, nausea, and other symptoms.

But so much for the warnings, let’s talk about the wonderful effects of Morning Glory Heavenly Blue seeds! Morning Glory seeds contain LSA. LSA, or d-lysergic acid amide (also known as Ergine and d-lysergamide), is a chemical that occurs in a number of psychedelic seeds and plants, as well as some fungi. It is a powerful psychoactive substance and a precursor to the synthesized LSD. Like many other psychedelics, LSA is not considered addictive.

Enter a dreamlike state

User reports describe the effects of LSA as primarily soothing and dreamlike, with mild to moderate psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects. The psychedelic effects of LSA are not always consistent and are not directly comparable with the effects of classical psychedelics such as LSD, magic mushrooms or mescaline. LSA is described as primarily physical and cognitive with few visual effects.

Unlike LSD, LSA also has sedative properties. This means that people may feel calmer and relaxed after consuming LSA. Another effect is fatigue, which in turn can make it virtually impossible to drive vehicles – something that is strongly discouraged anyhow. Some people may first feel the calming effects before they switch to the psychedelic effects.

The effects of Morning Glory are predominantly narcotic and soothing; however, this can depend on the situation you are in. For example, if they are in an environment with large amounts of stimuli or during physically strenuous activities such as walking, running, climbing or dancing, LSA can have a stimulating effect and give you an energy boost. The high feeling of LSA-containing seeds is described as soft but pleasant. Many users also report tingling in the body and physical euphoria. These physical and mental effects of the medication can last five to six hours, so free up some time to experience these special seeds!

How to use Morning Glory Heavenly Blue

There are several ways of using Morning Glory Heavenly Blue seeds to experience the effects of the LSA that’s inside. One of them is to crush the seeds and soak them in water for about half an hour, after which you drink the liquid. Another way is to let the seeds germinate by keeping them moist for 3 to 4 days (do replace the water regularly), after which you remove the white part from the skin and eat it.